Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Jhilmila Taal:-A hidden treasure of nature

Jhilmila Taal

Well, its called Jhilimila Taal,it have alot of reasons. but we prefer the facts,facts which are true
Jhilmila Tall,located at churiya range in far-western nepal.

:-Most of people said it is called jhilmila taal because it shines and change its colour  6 or 7 times. Well to see the truth i was there long time ago, it was almost night so i thought i must see the lake either it shines may be it will be miracle.but it is not like that,it was shining not like i have thought and not like fantasy type, there was image of  diyas small candles floating there. i think how it could be possible, no one is there it was almost 9PM night and  i was conformed that nobody was there.neither other people because its a like not famous place nobody used to appear un occasionally, so there was need of close look at the  lake. surprisingly there was small small fire in the woods just above the lake which gives the distance view as there are diyas.

:-it is also believed that,the pond regenerates its youth it self,and this fact i found to be true.There was no leaves on lake just clear water,although u can see trees around the lake yet no leaves can be found.Truth behind this is leaves got sink inside the water.

Another tale about this lake is, "the fish get converted in to snake if we do fishing there"

As it is a lake, aquatic living beings are also here.u can find fishes here(fish-type:-Silhouette Brown Bullhead). They are long in size having long tail and long moustache. Due to there this physical structure it is said that they will be snake if fishing is done here.As it is a religious place of lord Shiva.

Far-western or sudurpachimanchal is found to be most religious because people live here religiously.
so on high note to do fishing is not good idea.

:-People used to tell color of lake changes 6 or 7 times a day, it is blue-dark in morning, as sun rises gets brown, get green at the time of 12PM when sun is just above and get blue  at evening. nothing is strange it changes according to sunlight and surrounding. there is dense tree so it get green at 12am.

So you can see color variation here.

There is ashram here for staying,you can have big utensils for only cooking.The raw material required for cooking you have to bring. There is no restaurants nor good facility for even drinking water.so take in high note that u have to carry each and everything u required. its been in developing condition  but not yet small need of drinking water is also not facilated. For drinking there are two option either u can go down where grand stairs began there is water source or you have to drink the water of lake,

In totall not good for staying,camping will be good idea.

i regret i could not tell u the exact way to reach here.On the way there are marks like this way to jhilmila. its totally forest area but nothing to fear of wild animals there are no such predators.we can find rarely wild animals.The way to reach here is little bit confusing that is also one reason it get excited to reach there.for simple hint just follow the opened water.it ends at the starting of jhilmila way.nothing much to see,except a big lake and fishes.which u can see anywhere but spend one night here.do camping,the morning climate of hot season is awesome in winter the temperature reaches to 8 to 10 degree. way to jhilmila is adventures. The grand stairs the beauty of wild nature.

1:-In jhilmila it is belief that we should not drink alcohol,do not eat any flesh.as it is regarded as religious place of lord shiva

 2:-There is Fair(Mela) on chaitra 30.on every  last day of the year BS according to nepali calender.

3:-Most of the young couples and religious people visit  here  on that day it is belief that with new year, taking bath with pond water(no body is allowed to swim or make water dirty) all the sins of that person get wash away and carry lord shiva blessings.


:-So while going, on the way there is waterfall not big enough  but consdier it. it is called neel tall some call it kali taal.its clean fresh water.people usually visit only here for swimming and for picnic purpose.note that if u went through bhramdev you cannot find this waterfall in the way.it is only found if you go through the way of watertank way or forest office way.

So as you can see in the pictures, a group of 6 to 7 people can enjoy here.good place for picnic can have chicken with beers and can do chill here.


  1. nice work...better if explored once

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    1. so sorry to inform ,there is no tourist guide there only local people knows.yet

  3. Replies
    1. No aman no tracking.but u can enjoy camping

  4. fantastic post,i have heared that some dead body was found in the lake is it true.....

    1. thankyou for ur comment anupam,yup some deadbody was found in the lake,it is said it was murder. no more knowledge yet,